Early this year I heard from a few readers who scoffed at the backstory of The Snare that involves the collapse of the dollar following a financial default by the U.S. In the story, this led to the dollar being replaced by a worldwide digital currency, which I labeled the UNmark because it was issued and controlled by the United Nations. They also laughed at my contention that socialism was a weapon for evil leading to a new world order consisting of a single government, a single leader.

I wasn’t spinning a dystopian or apocalyptic yarn when I wrote the book. That’s not my thing. But I was shouting a warning through the trials of the main character who nearly succumbed to the artificial glow of socialism before he saw the one true light.

I have the last laugh today (although I’m not laughing). Check out these facts.

  1. Expansion of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC): Governments love the idea of a digital currency. Generate as much as they need; program it so they can control who uses it and what people can buy with it. According to the Atlantic Council, 87 countries, including the U.S. are exploring issuing a CBDC.
  2. Socialism Growth in the U.S.: 120 of 132 socialist candidates won election to state and federal-level posts in the most recent U.S. election according to The Heartland Institutes Socialism Research Center. Let that sink in.
  3. New World Order: Just study the Great Reset comments made by the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab in particular. The sugar-coated messaging is nothing short of elite authoritarianism.
  4. Decline of Bible Reading: Only 10 percent of Americans report daily Bible reading in 2022. Just 39 percent read the Bible 3-4 times a year, down from 50 percent in 2021. This is according to the an annual study by the American Bible Society.

After you read The Snare, I suggest reading, in any order, 1984, Brave New World, and the Book of Revelation.

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