I loved Charles Besondy’s theme of the lighthouse in his novel, The Hidden Saboteur. Ultimately, his main character, Clay, and his secondary protagonist, Thomas, had to confront inner demons of unworthiness that threatened to shipwreck and sabotage their lives. It is amazing how devilish these hidden icebergs of the subconscious can be! The book was a reminder of how many of us carry these cancerous burdens laid on us at an early age. The novel was a fascinating read, and it held my attention from start to finish. Admittedly, I normally would not gravitate to a Christian novel for a suspense thriller, but this book made me long for more by this author! It flows very evenly and I found it difficult to put down. The Gospel of Christ is proclaimed in these pages, though in a way that is so loving and relational that this novel will no doubt make unbelievers thirsty for spiritual realities. The feel good ending left me with the conviction that there is hope for all us who struggle with believing that we have value and something to offer others.

Timothy Rushing

What a ride! I was swept along by the story all the way to the emotional ending. I loved the characters and hated to say goodbye when I reached the last page. So much of this genre, Christian fiction, is written from the perspective of a female protagonist. It was refreshing for me to read a modern-day story about a man in a modern-day spiritual battle. I could certainly relate. Though two of the three main characters are men, I must say the author did a masterful job crafting the main female character, Sheryl. The interaction between Clay and Sheryl brought both an ache in my heart and a smile to my face. I enjoyed the unexpected twists and turns of the story as much as the wonderfully descriptive settings – Seattle, Dallas, and the fictitious town of Reef Bay. Above all, the story made me look hard at myself and consider where I’m letting the deceptive voice inside me limit who I was created to be. For that gift, I thank the author.

Pape G.

This novel is a beautiful, slow developing story of how a man was led to understand his relationship with the Lord through association with friends and eventual love. Difficult to put down as the plot twists and turns and keeps the reader in suspense. It is an unusual love story with a connection to the lead character’s corporate challenges, troubled past, and overcoming psychological adversity. A great read and hard to put down. Cannot wait for the next novel from this author.

Bob C.

This was a hard book to put down as I was very intrigued to see what was going to happen next. The main character is so well developed that you feel his suffering and want resolution. The author’s attention to detail is superb and while you know the main characters are a part of God’s plan you don’t know how it will all come together until the end. Perfect storytelling with great Christian messages throughout. I can highly recommend this book.

Debra F.

The Hidden Saboteur is a work of fiction in the Christian psychological thriller sub-genre and was penned by author Charles Besondy. In the first novel in the Clay Austin series, we meet our protagonist Clay when he is at the pinnacle of his career as a founding partner in a marketing agency. Despite his numerous successes and great prospects for the future, Clay is besieged by doubts, fears, and demonic nightmares that are determined to see him crumble. His loyal assistant Sheryl hears the voice of God, asking her to protect Clay and deliver him, and so begins an incredible journey to claim Clay’s soul: either for the light side of Heaven or the darkness of Hell itself. Author Charles Besondy has crafted a truly compelling read which takes the psychological side of matters of the soul very seriously. Although there is an outright and suitably epic battle between God and the Devil, the story is very much about one man and his internal struggles with darkness and light, which makes the thriller element of the plot all the more realistic and genuinely terrifying in places. One of the things which I particularly admired about the novel is the work that went into character development, not just of Clay but of those around him. I had a special fondness for Sheryl and her (at times) fruitless struggles to help Clay see everything that he’s got going for him. Overall, The Hidden Saboteur is a powerful book about battling against hidden iniquity and negativity and is a highly recommended read for Christian thriller fans everywhere.

K.C. Finn

This is wonderful story of struggle leading to redemption. The main character, Clay comes to know what he doesn’t know about himself. He is guided and wooed into a bigger story than he ever planned. This is a book that will keep you surprised until the end with all the different twists and turns and help you know a little more about your own story when you finish.

Kelley W.

I am entirely new to this genre, but I soon got the idea.The challenges Clay faces are real and agonizing. But a ray of hope always runs through the story. The characters are multifaceted and interesting and you quickly want them to succeed. There so many hints of things working out that when the author changes the pace and throws a new problem at his characters, you feel as frustrated as they do! The descriptions of the locations and people are graphic and fun. I am from the NW so I know all these places. BUT the ending is absolutely wonderful. A roller coaster ride to happiness! The lady sitting next to me in the park was wondering why an old man was reading his Kindle and crying.

Jon O.