Clay Austin’s Career was Taking Off. Then the Nightmares Took Over.

Christian Fiction Psychological Thriller, 2018

The Hidden Saboteur

Two-time literary award winner for Christian fiction.

No place is safe for Clay. He is besieged. Voices from the past haunt his Seattle house boat. Demonic machines attack him on the street and in his dreams. Clay becomes a confused, weakened man fighting a losing battle for the very essence of who he is.

He turns his back on a promising career and cruelly pushes away the one woman who loves him. His life crumbles as he falls under control of hidden evil. Clay gives up on himself, but God doesn’t.

“The Hidden Saboteur” is a tense, sweeping story of Clay’s battle between the Deceiver’s lies and God’s light.

Clay is a founding partner of the most respected marketing agency in Seattle. He is smart, single, and wealthy. So why, at the pinnacle of his career, are terrifying hallucinations and nightmares suddenly opening deep wounds from the past and eating away at his confidence?

Without Clay realizing it, God’s plan goes into overdrive to draw him away from the Deceiver.

On one drizzling night in a parking lot his loyal assistant, Sheryl Landing, hears a voice telling her to “Protect him; bring him to me.”

The spiritual battle is on. Clay bounces back and forth like a ping pong ball in a high stakes game of good versus evil. The winner takes all. The winner takes Clay.

Events draw him to a small town on the Washington coast where he becomes the prize in a showdown between God’s light and the Deceiver’s lies. Can Clay bring himself to do the one thing that will free him from the chains of the past? Was Sheryl’s determined love going to be strong enough?

From the rain-drenched streets of Seattle, across the dry plains of Texas and back to the wind-swept bluffs of the rugged Washington coast, Clay experiences the hidden destructive power of the Deceiver, and the over-powering light of God’s love flowing through those around him. Which force will prevail?

Now available in audio, ebook, and paperback formats.

5 stars

An Ordinary Girl Becomes an Extraordinary Woman Just One Step From Ruin.

Christian Fiction Psychological Thriller, 2021

The Chase

What Sheryl remembered most about her life up to now was the cycle of chaos – brief moments of happiness soon snuffed out by misery – again and again and again.

Now married, she thought those days were finally behind her. She had strong faith, a wonderful husband, and a baby in her womb. So, why were dark thoughts flooding her mind? Why was she walking to the cliff in the dead of night? Why was a tall, lanky stranger intensely studying her from the darkness?

This epic thriller in the Clay Austin series follows the twisting journey of Sheryl Landing as she struggles to rebound from an oppressed childhood in search of herself and love.

Along the way she meets Yawl, a beautiful bird with golden eyes who opens her heart to God.

But even as she begins to let the hand of God guide her, an evil power delights in planning her ruin. During her journey Sheryl stumbles, regains her way, falls again, and ultimately, is brought to the brink of destruction.

“The Chase” answers the question: To what length will God go to protect us from evil? And to what extent will the Deceiver go to lure us away from the Light?

Set in modern-day Washington State, “The Chase” draws the reader close to its characters, paints vivid scenes, uplifts with faith, and thrills with suspense. Due to some mature subject matter, this book may not be suitable for children.

This novel by Charles Besondy is the fourth title in the Clay Austin Series, best read before or after the two-time literary award winner, “The Hidden Saboteur.”

5 stars

When A Mother’s Best Intentions Go Wrong, Will She Be Forgiven?

Christian Fiction, 2019

All For Clay

Elizabeth is a divorced mother whose little boy needs a father. In her quest to find a a good man for both of them her decisions shape and scar both of their lives forever.

Elizabeth was raised in a dysfunctional family with an absent father. Now in her late twenties, living in a small Oregon town, she finds herself in the same sad situation as her mother. She vows to do better. She makes a plan.

All for Clay is the story of a mother’s soul-searching, dedication and sacrifice for the son she loves more than life itself. But her second marriage goes badly wrong from the start. Can she forgive herself? Will Clay ever forgive her?

All for Clay is the prequel to the Clay Austin Series, headlined by the Christian psychological thriller, The Hidden Saboteur.Through the eyes of Elizabeth Austin, readers see the struggles of a mother’s life, and they gain insight into the childhood of Clay Austin and the deep wounds that threaten to destroy him as man.

5 stars

What if Someone You Had Never Met Was Creating a Painting That Foretells Your Life?

Christian Fiction Short Story, 2019

Painting For a Stranger

The Stories Gallery in Seattle contained such a diverse collection of paintings visitors didn’t believe they were all created by the same artist – Wayne Gee.

Why was the occasional visitor to the gallery or to Gee’s booth at a street fair so drawn to a painting they couldn’t resist buying it?

What power did these painting’s have?

In this short story, I tell the background of the mysterious painting given to Clay Austin in “The Hidden Saboteur.” But even readers not familiar with my novel will enjoy this thought-provoking allegory that asks, “Who controls our life? Why do we meet who we meet?”

4 stars


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