Is socialism Satan’s final, desperate assault against mankind? And what is God doing about it?

That question dogged me for the first three politically tumultuous months of 2021. Then I started writing.

On January 2, The Snare was released in eBook format. This thriller is the third major novel within my award-winning Lighthouse series of Christian fiction. And, yeah, I answered the question.

Chronologically, the story picks up about 19 years after The Chase ends. This puts the story into the future, but I avoided turning it into a futuristic fantasy. I didn’t want my readers to discount the message of the book because it takes place “in a future world.” What occurs in this story is occurring here and now. Want proof? Just look at the news.

Fans tell me they love my characters. The Snare includes several main characters from the previous books, such as Clay and Sheryl Austin. The protagonist, Charley, is their son. I like Charley a lot. But I must admit to having had too much fun with Phobley (the antagonist), Sireen Salazar, and Lucky Zebul. Bad guys are a hoot to create.

I strove, successfully I think, to create a novel that can be enjoyed without having read either The Chase or The Hidden Saboteur, books #2 and #1 respectively, in The Lighthouse series.

The eBook version is available now from Amazon. The audio and paperback versions are in production. More about those versions next month.