I’m encouraged to receive glowing reviews for “The Chase” audiobook. Listeners tell me they are captivated by the thrilling story as performed by Whitney Dykhouse. I think Whitney will tell you she was challenged by the book. How could a seasoned, professional voice talent be challenged?

First, Whitney had to convey the female protagonist, Sheryl, as a young girl, as a teen, then as a young woman throughout the book. There were male voices to represent. And then there were Yawl and The Figure in Gray.

Yawl, is “pretty little bird” with a beautiful chirp and a voice like Dennis Quaid. I’m not saying anymore about Yawl. The Figure in Gray, has no name in this novel, and very, very few words of dialogue, but he does sing a tune from time to time.

“The Chase” is the second major novel in the Clay Austin series. It’s theme is: to what extent will God protect us from evil, and to what lengths will Satan go to keep us from The Light. Poor Sheryl gets to find out the hard way.

A bit of back story. After creating the character of Sheryl Landing in my first book, “The Hidden Saboteur,” I liked her so much I decided to write another thriller with her as the protagonist. The Chase follows Sheryl’s life and eventually intersects with Clay and the story line of “The Hidden Saboteur” (also available as an audiobook, BTW).