In April 2021 I started writing the next novel in the Lighthouse Series. I’m happy to report that I released the manuscript to my editor today. I expect that the ebook, paperback, and audio versions of the book will all be available by late February. (I haven’t decided to release the eBook first, or wait until the other formats are ready).

The theme of “The Snare” is this: Could socialism be Satan’s final and strongest deception? And what is God’s response?

The preliminary blurb for the book follows:

Charley Austin is About to Learn All That Glitters Isn’t Gold

In the small coastal town of Reef Bay, Washington, Charley Austin is graduating from high school.

He has no way of knowing that his life will be hell for the next 10 months.

All because he is a pet project of Phobley, whose goal it is to destroy the boy – not to kill him physically – but to destroy his faith. And for that purpose, Phobley has a sinister and seductive plan.

The reader might recognize Charley, the 18-year-old son of Clay and Sheryl Austin. He is like so many young people who, searching for meaning, succumb to the shiny promises of culture and politics.

It’s 2038 in Reef Bay, but the story reads like today’s evening news, as Charley, made bitter by tragedy, becomes enchanted by a woman, and is swept up in a political movement that threatens his very freedom.

“The Snare” addresses the question: Could socialism be Satan’s final and strongest deception? And what is God’s response?

“The Snare” is the third major novel in the Lighthouse Series by multi-award-winning author, Charles Besondy. It was written to be enjoyed fully without reading the two preceding novels, “The Hidden Saboteur” and “The Chase.”

The story takes place between June 2038 and December 2039 (with one detour to 1947). The action occurs in in western Washington and Oregon (with a few detours to the foothills outside Roswell, New Mexico).