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February 23, 2019

Excerpt (unedited) from “Roy Rogers Rides Again”

This story is about the well-intended decisions that a mother makes for her child's well-being, and how sometimes those decisions lead to a lifetime of hurt for both mother and child. As of this date, March 2, I haven't concluded the first draft. I'm pushing to publish this month.
January 12, 2019

“Painting for a Stranger” Progress Report 2

This week I happily published "Painting for a Stranger" in Kindle format. It's a short story of about 5,000 words. Though I wrote it to stand on its own, it's actually a side-story to my novel, "The Hidden Saboteur." The story is available on Amazon at this time.
November 24, 2018

“Painting for a Stranger” Progress Report 1

In mid-November I started work on my next project, "Painting for a Stranger." It will be a short story or novella between 5,000 and 15,000 words. Much shorter than "The Hidden Saboteur". An excerpt is included in this post.